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This list of articles, videos, Bible studies and outreach ideas will help you launch and coach Destino movements.  While this includes many of the links on the student resource page, there is some special content here written specifically for staff members in mind.

|Special Note for Ambassadors

Are you a Cru staff person wanting to engage more deeply with the Latino community in your city?  This is the place to start!  Take some time to watch this video, by yourself or even with your staff team.  Hear Dr. Gus Reyes, an expert on the growth of multi-generational and cross-cultural Latino and hispanic churches, address Destino Ambassadors at a conference. He shares about the challenges facing cross-cultural ministers and different approaches for different generations of immigrant experience.   If you have any questions, please email our Destino Ambassador liaison, Jason Woodman.

|Articles to Read
Resources to help you learn more about contextualization and ministering cross-culturally.

“A Whole New World,” by James Medina. A staff person shares five observations he has made in moving from a Cru movement to working with ethnic minority students in Destino.

“Why we need Cru and Destino,” by Eric Robinson. This is short explanation of what it means to be a ministry with Latino values to reach the whole campus and the world.

“5 Majority Culture Postures Towards Ethnic Minority Ministry,” by various white staff working with EFM national ministries. This resource provides clarity and wisdom on topics that are infrequently discussed, namely, the heart attitudes people of majority culture tend to have toward doing ministry with ethnic minorities, and will inspire you to reconsider your role in God’s mission and the ethnic story.

“6 Postures of Ethnic Minority Culture Toward Majority Culture,” by various ethnic minority Cru staff. This article explores how ethnic minority leaders experience and relate to the majority culture, and provides a better understanding of what it means to lead in authenticity and dignity of who we really are.

“How NOT to Launch an EFM Movement” by Jason Poon. What can go wrong when launching a new ministry in a cross-cultural context and reflections on how one staff member would do it differently next time.

Summary of Honor and Shame by Roland Muller, summarized by Steve Tibbert, King’s Church London. Each human worldview expresses the consequences of sin in a unique combination of shame, guilt, and fear. This work explores how to take these fundamentals of worldview into account when sharing the Gospel across cultures.

Destino Recommended Reading by Destino MTLs. A growing compilation of articles, books, and movies that Destino MTLs use to train their teams in cross-cultural ministry and explore what it means to be Latino.

|Tools for Launching Movements
Partnering with Destino, decoding, and logistics.

Destino Partnership Guide for new Ambassadors.  If you’d like to establish a new partnership with Destino, this is the first thing to read.  Also, be sure to contact our Ambassador liaison.

10 Ways to Decode your Campus

Destino Logos in all available formats.  If you don’t have a relay login, please contact us.

“Destino–Tell Me More” survey 

|Tools for Evangelism/Outreach
Creative ways to start spiritual conversations and build relationships in the Latino community.

Soularium Culture Questions.  These questions help you start a conversation about culture, ethnic identity, and the Gospel.

“Wondering” Your Way into Spiritual Conversations.  How to create space in everyday conversations for God to work in the lives of those around us.

¿Cuál es tu Destino? board.  Start a conversation on campus about the destiny God has for each of us.

“Waiting on the Alchemist” short film outreach. A college student wrestles with meeting the expectations of his family while still reaching for his dream.  Link explains how to use this film on campus to start spiritual conversations.

Dia de los Muertos survey.  Explore the spiritual heritage and themes of the holiday with students and use it to talk about Jesus Christ.

¿Como Que Failing?  Helping Latino students succeed academically is extremely important to us in Destino.  We imagine many parents asking this same question of their students after their first semester—”What do you mean, ‘failing?!’  Download includes audio of a similar presentation, links to books we used to create our presentation, and a Powerpoint file with notes of our exact presentation.

‘Colored Chalk’ Outreach.  Start a conversation on campus about what God thinks about our ethnicity and culture.

Ideas for Reaching Freshmen.

|Tools for Discipleship
Follow-up material and resources to help students grow in their faith, and wholeness of identity in Christ.

Five Follow Ups.IMG_6392

Exploring Ethnic Identity.  Short primer on ethnic identity in Christ and suggestions for incorporating ethnic identity into discipleship.

Being Latino in Christ Discussion Group.  Compiled by Destino staff member Kim Cioffi. Discipleship or Small Group material based on the book Being Latino in Christ.

Lectio Divina—Miracles of Jesus  Originally intended as small group material, this would also be great with a group of disciples and get them in the habit of being in the Word together.

How to Spend Time with God.  Adapted from CruPress Green and compiled by Destino staff members.

Moses’ Ethnic Identity.  A one-session Bible study tool for individuals or small groups.  This is an example of how to explore ethnic and cultural identity in narrative passages of Scripture. 

|Small Group Materials
Written and developed by Destino staff.

La Novela de Dios. Murder, betrayal, sacrifice, pledges of undying love…the Bible reads more like a novela than a holy book sometimes! Complete with videos, this series will help you take a fresh look at God’s Word.

Global Short Film Network Familia Discussions. Short films and passages from Scripture to engage spiritually interested people, new believers, or people who have known Jesus for awhile.

La Familia de Dios. Our families shape our views of God…for better or for worse! What does it mean that God is “our Father,” or Jesus is “our brother?” and how do we live as members of God’s family?

Encountering Jesus. Essentials Bible discussion focusing on different aspects of who Jesus is.

Drawing Near. Covers some fundamental concepts of our faith, as well as learning together how to spend regular time with the Lord and keep it fresh.

A Movement that Changed the World.  10-week Bible study on the book of Acts.

|Growing a Movement
Some Top 10's of socials, advertising, and Bible study tips we share with students.

Top 10 ways to advertise Destino on campus!

Top 10 Destino party ideas!

Top 10 ways to make your Bible study awesome!

Making plans for your campus and Strategic Planning Template.  These can help your students understand the “why’s” and “how-to’s” of planning for ministry.