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Friends Becoming Sisters.

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While sipping her chai tea latte, Christy wasn’t surprised to look up and see two young Latinas walk into Corner Bakery instead of one. She and Laura had found a time to meet for lunch so they could get caught up on some challenging situations Laura was working through. Christy also showed up knowing that […]

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Wanting a Change.

Categories: OutreachSpiritually Empowered

“Hi, I go to FIU but I’m not a Christian, I do want to get involved and be more connected to God. Please contact me, thanks.” God had been working in Andrea’s life. She was spiritually hungry and searching for a different way to live. Her email went to one of Destino’s leaders, Rachel, in […]

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When you hit a wall.

Categories: Spiritually Empowered

What do you do when your best plans hit a brick wall? Nate’s default was to panic. He and his wife Jess, both staff members with Destino in Texas, wanted to meet students from one particular dorm on their campus. They’d already met lots of freshmen earlier this semester. Yet, no one from that particular […]

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Odds Against Him

Categories: OutreachSpiritually Empowered

Sergio sat by himself in the student union. Two Destino staff women, Stephanie and Diana, asked if they could join him for lunch. And as they sat together, they listened to his story. Raised by his grandparents, Sergio’s mother and father weren’t around much. His older brothers were incarcerated, and now, he’s the first in […]

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“Wow, that’s beautiful!”

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“Sorry for interrupting, I couldn’t help but overhear…if everything has a cause then where did God come from?” A Destino staff member, Matt, was talking with a student when he heard another student from behind him ask that question.  After talking a bit more with the first student, Matt walked around the bench and sat down […]

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What is Familia?

Categories: Culturally ConnectedOutreach

This week we want to give a shout out to Destino at the University of Arizona/Pima!  This spring, they’ve been working really hard to meet people and build a movement in their city.  Recently, they did an awesome outreach on campus that engaged students by asking questions. They asked students to explain what family is, […]

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Sharing the Gospel through Día de los Muertos

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The smell of cempasuchitl (Mexican marigolds) would often take over the busyness and pollution of the city. It signified the beginning of a colorful celebration that I did not fully understand, but certainly enjoyed.  As a child, Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), was a moment to remember those who had gone before […]

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