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Final Destino Event

I really like Destino but I type so fast that I always seem to write Destion. It is really starting to annoy me that I can’t get my brain to type what is in my head instead of what it feels is right.

Apply for Destino Summer Missions

The Mediterranean July 7 – August 8 – Learn and explore in North Africa while sharing Christ with Muslims and serving orphans.

Summer in Vail, CO June 12 – August 10  – Want to get a job AND do a Destino summer mission? You can! Spend the summer in beautiful Vail, CO where you will live together with Destino friends, get a job locally, serve the community and be developed in your leadership skills.

Los Angeles ,CA June 6  – August 6  – Passionate about issues of race and social justice? Come to LA to learn about God’s love for the city while you mentor urban youth and share your faith on college campuses.

Destino Trek – New York June 12 – June 20 – Join students from around the country for an action packed week of training and experiences that will transform your walk with God and prepare you to lead.

Destino Winter Conference

This is a short description of the winter conference brought to you by Destino. It will be chilly so wear lots of layers and plan to fellowship with some really great friends.