Where are you spiritually right now?

Where are you spiritually right now?

As this school year started we’ve met lots of students!

We asked, “What are you hoping for this semester?” and you answered things like, “success” and “good friends.”

Destino likes to ask, “Where are you spiritually right now?” And on one campus students could circle motions like frustrated, excited, and/or empty.

Maybe you relate to Tyrell, a second-year student who identified himself as disappointed, confused and growing. He agreed to meet up for lunch with Matt.

After learning more about each other, Matt asked Tyrell about the words that he used to describe his spiritual life. Tyrell said he was “disappointed” because he doesn’t feel like he lives the way God wants him to live. “Confused” because he isn’t sure how God wants him to live, but doesn’t really understand what the Bible says sometimes. And “growing” because he wants to know God and tries to learn about him in spite of his negative feelings. Don’t you feel some of those things sometimes?!

Matt asked Tyrell what he thought would help his spiritual life, and Tyrell said, “I think I want to study the Bible and learn how God wants me to live.” Just this week, Tyrell and several other students began to do that!

Are you in a small group to study the Bible and/or discuss growing closer to God? Would you like to be?  Find out what’s happening on your campus!

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Students just like you!

Students just like you!

“I see you as one of my teachers, teaching me something I never knew before.”

“I feel a lot better knowing there’s a place for me here to open up about my faith.”

“I’m not religious like my mom, but I still believe in God and would really want to learn more about Him with others.”

“I want Jesus to be on the throne of my life; He’s not fully there now, but I’d like Him to be.”

“I want to join your group so my grandmother will feel more at peace that I found a good group to keep learning about God. Plus I like you guys.”

“I don’t have a Bible or have ever read it, but I’m open to learn about it.”

Come, be part of Destino’s familia!

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It Is Broken

It Is Broken

The longer I live, the more I’m convinced of one theological truth:  this world is broken. As I talk to students and hear story after story of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, and as I look around and see hatred, racism, and poverty, I can’t help but believe that something just isn’t right.  Moreover, when I see how easy it is for me to sin and how often I choose my own way over God’s, I know that this world is a broken place.

That’s a great place for us to start when we share the Gospel with a student.

Deep down, if we are honest, we all know that the world is broken
and that we are broken and weak. We ache for the way it seems
like things should be, and we feel pain over how things are.

And we ask ourselves why this is. On campus, we spend a lot of time talking about the fact that we sin and are sinned against because man has chosen his own way instead of God’s perfect way, and that this is the cause of all of the brokenness.

At Sam Houston State University, students involved with our ministry wanted to engage the campus with a discussion about this deep brokenness of this world and of our lives.  They also wanted to share that Jesus came into the world to bear our shame of our brokenness, so that we could be reunited in fellowship with God.  As part of the event, students on campus were asked to write on colorful tiles ways that they could see brokenness around them. At the end of the day one of our leaders, who is an art major, broke all the tiles and used the broken shards and pieces to create a beautiful mosaic. Later that week the student body was invited to see the work of art unveiled, and a speaker shared how God desires to take the broken pieces of our lives and redeem us into beautiful works of art. At this final event, many students shared that they wanted to hear more, and seven students said that they wanted to begin a relationship with Christ. We’re so proud of how hard the SHSU student leaders worked to present a beautiful picture of the Gospel!

It’s stories like this that makes us love what we do in Destino. We want to empower students to engage their peers creatively with the reality that they are separated from God and share with them God’s plan for redemption.

Casey is on staff with Destino in St. Louis, MO.

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