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“Your will and not my own.”

Jerry was not happy. During the day of outreach at the Destino Winter Conference, most students go out into the community. But some are asked to stay back at the hotel to intentionally reach out to their friends and family through the internet.

Jerry wanted to go out into the community, but he was asked to stay back and do the digital outreach. Disappointed, he managed to pray, “God, move and use me today; let me do your will and not my own."

Jerry, pictured above, saw God do something unexpected.

After being trained in some of Destino's digital evangelism tools, God helped Jerry share what he was learning at the conference with friends and family back home. He ended up sharing the gospel with his best friend from childhood, Robert. Robert was deeply touched by the outreach video about how much Jesus loved him. Robert was amazed at how powerful God’s love was. Up to this point, Jerry had never been able to have this kind of conversation with his best friend, but he was overjoyed when Robert became a Christian that day! Praise God he uses us in new and unexpected ways when we surrender to his will!

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Destino Winter Conference

“I was terrified!” said Enya. “I’ve never told anyone about Jesus, so it was my first time.” The freshman from San Diego was at the Destino Winter Conference in Dallas in January. Saturday afternoon she and several other students messaged a video to their friends on Facebook with a gospel message, leading to 76 spiritual conversations. “Even though I hadn’t talked to my friend for years, it went really well. She was really thankful I shared the video with her.”

Students attending DWC receive instructions for an outreach in Arlington, TX.

That same afternoon, the rest of the students at DWC partnered with a local church to do Sunday school type programs in different neighborhoods around the city. They played games and taught them a Bible story and memory verse. This “Day of Faith” during the conference gave students a direct opportunity to learn how to share with others about Jesus Christ. Students started 136 conversations and eight people prayed to receive Christ that afternoon!

The three day conference was themed Uno—One God, One Body and One Mission—together in Christ. Students were also challenged by speakers, and participated in workshops, bilingual worship, prayer and familia times.

Conferences allow students to step away from the chaos of life and consider their lives in light of eternity. “I’m so glad I went,” said Hannah, another student from San Antonio. “The Lord worked in so many ways this weekend. I’m looking forward to taking back what I’ve learned from this conference and continuing to share the gospel and His love with others.”

Students post their burdens and blessings on a board during the final session of DWC.

On the last night of the conference, students were led to bring their struggles to God through a guided prayer time. They wrote down a burden and a blessing on a post-it note and brought it to the front of the room. They then put these notes on a board with a map of the world to show how God uses it all to reach the world for Christ.

We also experimented with a satellite conference in LA for students who couldn’t make it to the national conference. Over 30 participated!

If you'd like to experience or revisit this years' DWC you can  watch talks and others segments at

Lizeth Rios shared how Destino has impacted her life during one of the sessions at DWC.

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Destino Winter Conference—Who God Made Me to Be.

Destino Winter Conference—Who God Made Me to Be.


Fabiola grew up going to church, loving the traditions. Her abuela would say, “Every little prayer is a step closer to heaven,” so Fab’s faith centered on praying and being a “good girl.” When she was nine, Fab’s family came to the U.S. She set out to prove she was American. “I didn’t want anything to do with being Mexican or singled out as Latina, so I assimilated quickly.” She learned English, made American friends almost exclusively, forgot about church and took up American hobbies like dance team.

In college, Fab enjoyed a good party. Then she’d go to a Christian group to still “do the right thing.”

God used a conference that Fab attended to speak truth that opened her heart:  Jesus died to forgive her because of His great love for her. “I thought of God as a bossy god who just wanted us to pray and not have any fun. But I was believing things that weren’t true.”

Then God used another conference, Destino’s Winter Conference, in Fab’s life. There, she learned He made her the way she is. He made her “brown” for a reason. “He very purposefully made me who I am, how I am. I sat there surrounded by people like me, and it was OK. Being Latina was actually celebrated!”

“I came to know the Lord at a conference; He spoke to me about my ethnic identity at Destino Winter Conference. You can go to get away, hang with friends, as something to do…lots of reasons, yet what a great place to grow!”  

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Joining the Big Familia!

Joining the Big Familia!

Last January, after the first night of Destino Winter Conference, a lot of students were jammed in one of only two elevators in the hotel!  Everyone was tired after traveling all day, the first session, then late registration for some.

As they rode together, students began to introduce themselves, also saying what campus they were from. There were two young ladies from a smaller school, and someone asked them if they were the only ones from their campus. One of them laughed saying, “We’re the only ones in our Destino! We’re actually here because we’re getting ready to start Destino this semester.” Some of the other students started clapping and cheering, “Welcome to the family!”

And that’s exactly what it’s like when you start Destino at your campus! Like you’re joining a really big, fun, nation-wide family!

Photo credit:  Allen Stanley.

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